About Lambeth

Stretching into the heart of London, Lambeth is a borough bursting with energy and opportunity.

Lambeth Council’s 2,400 staff are based in the brand new Civic Centre and refurbished Town Hall in Brixton, right in the heart of the borough, world-renowned for its extraordinary character, rich diversity and heritage. Brixton is famed for its independent retail, hospitality, night time economy and rich cultural offer.

Lambeth is also home to the South Bank, Waterloo, Vauxhall, Clapham, Herne Hill, Streatham, Tulse Hill and West Norwood – some of South Lambeth’s most popular commercial centres and residential neighbourhoods where vibrant communities create distinct local character.

Lambeth is a thriving central London borough that has a strong regional, national and international profile. As a council, we have been on a significant improvement journey over the last 10 years to provide the vision, leadership, and services that will allow the people and places in Lambeth to realise their potential.

The figures now speak for themselves: in 2003, 39% of residents were satisfied with the way Lambeth Council ran things; today that figure is 72%.

We have made progress by focusing relentlessly on issues that matter most to residents: better housing, good quality schools, working closely with partners to reduce crime, and improving value for money.

‘Future Lambeth – Our Borough Plan’ comprises the Council’s and our partners’ vision and priorities, building on the enormous improvements that have been made across Lambeth in recent years.

It sets out three strategic priorities that all partners will work towards in order to make Lambeth a stronger, fairer and more prosperous borough. Lambeth Council staff will play a key role in delivering these objectives:

  1. Creating inclusive growth: As people who work in Lambeth we know what a great place it is. We want staff to share their wealth of experience and knowledge to help encourage investment and regeneration, and make sure that it benefits us all. This is because by improving transport, boosting employment, and building more housing and increasing the number of businesses in the borough we will increase opportunities for local residents and tackle disadvantage.
  2. Reducing inequality: We will focus on using the opportunities and proceeds of growth, regeneration and housing to reduce inequality. As council employees we need to do all we can to give our residents the best start in life and ensure they have a fair chance to fulfil their potential by reducing inequalities in education, skills and employment. We are also committing to protect and support our most vulnerable residents and support their independence and recovery, and pursue health and wellbeing.
  3. Building strong and sustainable neighbourhoods: The third priority for the council is investing in our neighbourhoods so they are places that bring people together, maintaining the cohesion and diversity of the borough. We will seek to maintain the social mix of our neighbourhoods through better quality housing, and our parks and cultural facilities will help to improve health and wellbeing. By working with residents and businesses we will make sure our streets are places people are proud to live and work in, we'll continue to make Lambeth a safer borough, and we'll support people to act more sustainability to improve the quality of our neighbourhoods.